Thorson and Svava

Food & Drink

Jarl Thorson and Countess Svava like food. Her Excellency has an allergy to eggplant, prefers whole grain breads over white flour, and dislikes cucumbers. Other than this, they love wondrous variety and have a simple request...

"Too often have we filled our bellies to bursting on the marvelous foods of our renowned cooks only to find a second remove arrive, and while menus are always provided prior to a feast, His Excellency is a bear of little brain and needs a reminder.

Therefore we request a copy of the menu be placed at High Table and, if at all possible, all tables for those who suffer from this same malady."

Food & Drink Favorites of Her Excellency Countess Svava

  • There can NEVER be enough berries, ginger, cream, or combination thereof.
  • Mead brewing is a fine and glorious art, those who do it well are encouraged to do it often.
  • Garlic is a vegetable and should be treated as such.
  • All Good Scotches should be of a courting age and Good Gins come in blue bottles with 10 herbs.
  • The dark beverage known as coffee and favored by our Italian acquaintances is a fascinating and desirable drink.