Thorson and Svava

Royal Odes

Battle dew blessed bright biter

Battle dew blessed
Shining shore
Goodly garden
Feasting for

Sif's sightly
Meal maker
Crowded kitchen
Odin's eyes

Midrealm's many
Forests felled
Long they're looked for
Women wait for

Dance you daughters
Rainbow road
Slepnir's siblings
Home the heroes'

Come your cousin
With her whistling
To your task now
Soldiers slain by

bright biter
shield maiden's
got forth
feathered watchers

singing chef
minds her
cooks for
all their meat

mighty ash-trees
fuel her fire
loud the wailing
warriors vainly

down the long
ride you now
swift footed
hall is waiting

calls you forth
widow maker
take you up
Svava's sword

© 2004 - Michael Allen Cramer

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