Thorson and Svava

Royal Odes

The following was written at Lord Toki Redbeard's Skaldic Poetry Workshop; Arts in Anglespur Schola, A.S. XXXV, by the students in the workshop.

This is the so-called `formless' verse-form, in which there are no rhymes, but the alliteration is the same as in basic drˇttkvŠtt. This poem is structured as `eight-sentenced', in which a sentence or thought is completed in each line1.

In Honor of Thorson And Svava

Forged in Ruantallan's fires.
Family bough of Halvar.[son]
Harming gold with humor.[king]
Heaper up of riches.[good leader/king]
Sharp his secret-sharer.[queen]
Shover, wields his linden.[sword, queen]
Great wit, their words flowing.
Wielders of true counsel.

Praise Poetry By Committee:
Lord Haraldr Bassi
Lord Grim the Skald
Mikulaj von Meissen
Lord Toki Redbeard

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