Thorson and Svava

Royal Odes

The following account of the journey of Thorson and Svava to the Thrones of the East Kingdom was performed by Lady Chiara at the second Coronation court of King Thorson and Queen Svava, and served as an introduction of their Majesties into Court. Written by Lady Chiara in the anglo saxon style of two half-lines.

Thorson Wins His Kingship

Lo! Hear Scalds tell
When warriors crossed
From far and near
to Boreal Shores
strong of sword-arm
kin-warriors ready
to fight fairly
a mead hall to rule,
Such then Thorson,
Sword-stead thane,
Fostered by Feral
To him was given
and honor of combat,
obeyed him gladly.
of stalwart companions.
for the gold-hoard to vie.
He summoned Svava
steel-helmed warror
Thorgeirr's daughter
"We are by blood
true hearth-siblings,
Beside me in battle
sword-steady hast thou stood,
I seek a fierce woman,
A battle Valkyrie
To him the stateliest
the warrior-woman
"As never to any man
my household's honour,
since I could heave up
till now to thee,
So saying, the ring-graced
To Thorson bore
"Hold now and take
Forget not thy honour,
Joyous then was the
Svava girded him thus
of times not long sped
the wide whale-road.
the fierce-folk sailed
on broad-beamed steeds.
and spirit-stout,
for king-challenge;
for the folk's guarding;
land-riches to keep.
the son of Stephen,
strong-limbed, brave,
and fierce Tearlach.
the glory of war
that all his kin
Great grew his band
It came in his mind
Great-wise was Thorson;
sword-sister she,
and shield companion,
dauntless in war.
of the Eastern kin,
our hearts war-forged.
my brave spear-protector
safe I have sparred.
fearless and valiant,
and victory Queen."
spake in answer,
her word-horde unlocked.
erst I trusted,
heritage of Cariodoc
hilted iron
Thorson clan-kin."
Svava arose;
a tankard of mead.
this testing unpeered.
Field-fearless be thou."
with gallant glory!

Sun on scale gleamed
All East-kin's best
for the gold-hoard to vie.
Clansmen hastened
the wonder to witness
Eager they exclaimed,
no others there were
nor more valiant found
of warriors
Then sounded the war-horn,
"Come, warriors willing!
Bear ye burnished shields,
ye harness gray
In single combat
till but one stands
Our oath-lord be he,
Boldly they battled,
skilled spear-brothers
with furious blows
Brave fighters fell
yet none of the best iron
did harm the heart
The sword-steady thane
weeding warriors
Spearmen yielded
and Thorson's steel
But yet one still stood
A bold shield-kin;
Get of Wolfgang.
fire-forged in darkness
his folkstead to flames.
and shoulder companion
Wise was Thorson
Verily was Balin
Blunt fell upon Thorson
twice his falchions
though broad and brown-edged
for Thorson's breast-mail,
did ward the warrior's body.
The warrior struck,
Thus Thorson wielded
as he strode to the fight-field.
assembled there
Great were the warriors!
from high-built halls,
the warriors in battle weeds.
and all averred
in all middle earth,
under vault of heaven,
more worthy to rule!
the war-leader cried;
Whence now stand true!
ye bucklers taught,
and helmets grim-steeled!
shall ye struggle
sound and unscathed.
our honour king!"
bravest of men,
and sword-steady warriors
fought hard and fast!
with blood-stained spears,
nor blade of steel
of heroic Thorson.
thrust solid and straight,
who would try his blade.
as shields shattered
swept empty the field!
sword-steady and strong.
Balin battle-thane,
A warrior he,
the day destiny doomed
War-friend was Balin,
in skirmishes past.
to Wolfgang's get:
a valiant shield-shatterer.
the battle-thane's war-blades;
two-fold sharp-thrust;
they broke on his weeds,
braided by Svava
Worthy then was Thorson!
sore-wounding the battle-thane.

Up rose the new law giver,
"Have mind Wolfgang's get,
Thou art hardy a hero,
though vainly thou strove,
I name thee friend-thane,
Abide in my folk-house,
Stay in council
be shoulder-comrade
Brave is Balin,
Came then the cupbearer,
with steel-helmed maids
A guerdon of gold
while clansmen cheered
The victory Queen,
with kindly greeting
"Quaff of this tankard
Thou art famed among folk
so wide as washes
Gracious I deem thee
no seemlier thane
Naught has there been
a warrior more brave
for Hrothgar saved
Then was laughter
house-karls and clansmen
Now this skald extols
"The hall is fit
Wassail to the ring-giver,
Wassail to the key-keeper,
grasping his word-hoard;
Worthiest warrior,
honest and strong;
thy valor held fast.
in fealty arise.
Admiral of armies.
sage advisor,
in stress of fight.
the best of men!"
Svava key-keeper,
strode from the mead house.
gifted she to the ring-thane
their kin-guardian.
of courtesy heedful,
gave carven cup.
my kin-lord and king!
both far and near,
the waves of the swan road.
gold-hoard keeper;
this day has won.
'neath heaven's dome
since Beowolf
Heorot hearth-stead."
of liegemen loud,
cheered their new land-ward.
her sovereigns!
for feast-pleasures!
well-beloved king!

© 2004 - Lady Chiara da Montepulciano Gate

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