Thorson and Svava

Viking Resources

Simple Viking Clothing for Men and Women

Being a guide for SCA-folk who desire to clothe themselves in a simple but reasonably accurate Viking fashion, to do honor to the reign of King Thorson and Queen Svava.

This document was created by:
Duchess Marieke van de Dal

Outfitting yourself as a Viking

Purpose: To provide sewers who would like to dress in Viking fashion with information on cut, construction, and more in-depth sources. Intended audience is gentles who have some SCA sewing experience, but need specifics on this type of garb. (If you need help with basic sewing techniques, with issues specific to historical costume, or anything else related to the subject, ask around in your local group, or drop a line at the contact info provided.)

  1. Sources
  2. Suggestions for fabric choices: fibre, color, weave
  3. Jewelry sources for cloak pins and apron dress brooches and pins
  4. Men's pants
  5. Men's tunics or Woman's Underdresses
  6. Ladies' apron dresses
  7. Cloaks
  8. Contact info for questions

This documentation is presented by:
Maitresse Nicolette Bonhomme.