Thorson and Svava

Viking Resources

Outfitting yourself as a Viking:

Women's Apron Dress:

Understanding the research behind the current reconstruction of the apron dress layer:

This is written by person who now goes by She'erah bat Shlomo in the SCA (previous SCA name By Ellisif Flakkari (mundanely Monica Cellio). The information is copyrighted by her.

Comprehensive documentation on all aspects of dress:

See Thora Sharptooth's excellent and comprehensive works:

Undertunics and women's dresses:

The gored tunic/dress, as well as hood, cloak, shoes and hose patterns from the Bocksten Man (so well preserved in the peat that even the stubble on his beard is still visible!):

An alternate gored garment:

The Viking Answer Lady
The Viking Answer Lady website is provides information on Viking Age literature, history, and archaeology. Over the years, questions from readers have prompted researching a number of facets of Viking life and this information is provided here.

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