Thorson and Svava

Viking Resources

Outfitting yourself as a Viking:
Men's Tunics or Woman's Underdresses

  • First, a drawing of the finished garment, and cutting plan
  • Next, the pieces of the actual garment (note that to conserve fabric, some parts are pieced)
  • Construction: Heavy lines indicate where to sew, dotted lines indicate the seam you sewed in the previous step.
  • First: Sew the underarm gores to the sleeves, then sew the sleeves to the shoulders
  • Next, sew the side seams from wrist to waist (do not sew all the way to the hem).
  • Then sew the side gore triangles into the side seams, and CUT the body at the front and back (see dashed cutting line) up to the waistline.
  • Lastly, sew in the front and back gores.

Click here to download the step by step illustrations that follow the the process outlined above.

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