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Ladies Apron Dress

Note: To actually wear the apron dress, you will need two shoulder straps (preferably tablet woven), and a pair of brooches or pins in the front to attach the straps. Amber and/or glass bead strings were sometimes draped between the two brooches/pins.

There are multiple reconstructions, as no one dress has been found complete. The pivotal piece with which our reconstructions usually begin is a cut piece found that is a rectangle with one edge flared out like a gore. See the following link for a diagram and more details:

Therefore, the following possible reconstructions are put forward. Make your own judgment as to what works for you. The three-panel reconstruction has the benefit of no fabric waste, incorporates the oddball panel, and has a princess-seam-like effect (very flattering). Svava was given the following cutting plan and measurement guide by the author She'erah bat Shlomo:
Download the three panel cutting plan here. (PDF)

Svava has also worked out a four-panel version, also no fabric waste:
Download the four panel cutting plan here. (PDF)

The measurement guide for the four panel dress is as follows:

A: Bust measurement
B: Bust to waist
C: Bust to floor
X: Seam Allowance
Y: Hem Allowance

D: A + 10X
E: D/4
F: 2E
G: C + 2Y
H: B+Y
I: E/2
J: 2G - H

Lastly, I have created yet another, somewhat simpler reconstruction based on the Bocksten Tunic and other similar contemporary gored garments:
Download the alternate four panel cutting plan. (PDF)

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