Thorson and Svava

Svava's Whim Tourney

The land of the East is prosperous, the might of her fighters is great, and the skill of her artisans is unsurpassed. These treasures which lie within these lands should be celebrated and shouted from the highest hills. For these reasons it is the whim of Svava Thorgeirsdottir, that the East Kingdom hold Whim Tourneys in as many regions as possible. At these tournaments there shall be at least two prizes created by regional artisans, preferably non-laurels. One prize will be awarded to the unbelted fighter who advanced the furthest in the list, and the second prize will be awarded to the winner of one or more of the following whims (to be decided by the hosts, before the start of the tournament.)

  • Best Dressed Fighter
  • Most Courteous Fighter
  • Most Chivalric Fighter
  • Best Death
  • Most Graceful Fighter
  • Most Comedic Fighter
  • Most Romantic Fighter
  • Most Convincing Persona
  • Best Heraldic Display
  • Most Historically Accurate Armor
  • Best New Fighter

If there is a Lady of the Rose who resides in the Barony/Shire/Province or is planning on attending the event she may supply a prize and impose a whim category of her own invention.

The style of the tournaments will be left to the hosting event staff to decide. The important point is that many fighters get a chance to learn and play, and the local artists get a chance to show their skill.

Prizes should be simple. I am not suggesting master art works but simple gifts that can be used by the fighter or his lady/her lord. Examples: trim, a tunic, garb, an item specific to the theme of the event, jewelry, a belt, a basket of bruise ointments, etc

I appreciate your taking the time to hear theses words and to help make my whim a reality.

In Service
Countess Svava Thorgeirsdottir

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